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This book provides a playbook for conservatives to gain followers, influence, and affect public policy change in politics and on social media.

Winning the Social Media War outlines how conservatives in the United States ceded the culture war to the left and provides a playbook with techniques on how to effectively win back influence over the culture through the use of social media. Through novel interviews, independent research, and case studies of particular accounts and individuals, Alex Bruesewitz threads together conceptual and mechanical ways of engaging with and using social media for maximum impact and influence. Winning the Social Media War reveals why conservatives lose to the left on social media and provides a tool kit to turn the tide back toward conservatism. Whether you are seeking to advance your personal social media status or that of a candidate, organization, brand, or movement, you will benefit from the collective years of experience of influential conservative figures. This book is required reading for conservatives aiming to stand athwart history yelling, “Stop” with the amplitude that people—and God—willing, the nation—can actually hear.


Alex Bruesewitz is the CEO of X Strategies LLC. X Strategies LLC is a political consulting firm that helps promote and elect America First Leaders. In March of 2022, X Strategies LLC was ranked the 25th fastest growing company in the entire Southeastern United States by INC Magazine.

X Strategies LLC focuses on identifying and promoting conservative warriors who wholeheartedly believe in the America First agenda. Many of your favorite conservative politicians and pundits were first identified by Alex and X Strategies. They have the ability to take unknown individuals and make them household conservative names.

For the first part of his career, Alex remained mostly behind the scenes. But following the 2020 stolen election, Alex knew he had to speak up and speak out. He began to travel the nation demanding free and fair elections. Many of his speeches and Television appearances have reached tens of millions of people. Because he did the right thing after the 2020 election, unlike the RINOs, he has become a target of the unconstitutional and illegitimate January 6th Select Committee. But he will never back down or apologize for demanding election integrity.



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